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GD Goenka Public School, Kasganj aims at creating individuals who are confident, goal oriented, world leaders, sensitive to the society and their environment.

The school is constantly expanding its efforts and involvement in improving the environment and developing habits resulting in sustaining it. A green school is a concept beyond the curriculum. Much thought is given to creating and maintaining a healthy environment within the campus as well as areas surrounding it and to inculcate practices aiding this concept.


  • Head Boy.
  • Head Girl.
  • Blue House Captain.
  • Blue House Vice Captain.
  • Orange House Captain.
  • Orange House Vice Captain
  • Green House Captain.
  • Green House Vice Captain.
  • Yellow House Captain.
  • Yellow House Vice Captain.
  • Sports Captain.
  • CCA Captain.

We are in the process of finalizing student council 2024. Soon Investiture Ceremony will be held.

I. Summer Camp.

Each year GD Goenka School organizes a customary 07-10 days summer camp for its students to provide them opportunities and exposure to explore their interests beyond academics and learn new skills to make the most of the lazy and long summer days, thus enhancing their knowledge and experience..

II. Clubs.

We have created a diverse suite of clubs for our students, based on their age range and interests. Such clubs are aimed at improving public speaking, elocution, diction, expression, health, knowledge, soft skills, teamwork etc. through a series of well-thought and well-planned activities, and molding students into their best avatars. Presently, our students can participate in the following clubs – Robotics, Literary, Heritage, Ecology, Health & Wellness, Quiz, Science, Dramatics and Creative & Performing arts.

III. Philanthropy.

Every Goenkan is taught to take pride in our heritage and are made to realize that they are the ones who have to do their bit to conserve resources. Awareness programs are planned as a regular part of the curriculum to help them grow up to be responsible citizens. Through participation in Earth Day, Street plays, Cleanliness Drive, Plantation Drive, Nature Walk and many such activities students are able to imbibe the importance of having a strong commitment towards maintaining the environment. .