Our Founder –

Shri Anjani Kumar Goenka

G.D. Goenka Public Schools owe their existence to Shri Anjani Kumar Goenka, a noted businessman-industrialist, who aimed at creating and providing a global educational environment in his schools.

He is of the vision that an educated person has the ability to change the world, as he is brimming with confidence and assured of making the right moves. He aimed to immortalise the name of his mother Shrimati Gayatri Devi Goenka and hoped to provide the students a sound education unheard of in the NCR before. Smt. Renu Goenka, the inspirational woman behind the successful man, provides the final touch of the extraordinary which makes G.D. Goenka Public School the unique Educational Institution.


The missionary zeal with which it is being run is for creating individuals who are confident, goal oriented, world leaders, sensitive to the society and their environment and creator of an idea tomorrow. Our aim is to facilitate children to realize their inner strength, providing them a conducive environment to grow and attain their full potential to evolve as a worthy world citizen. Keeping in mind our motto, HIGHER, STRONGER, BRIGHTER, we give our children the very best every day – an idyllic ambience, ideal location, pollution free atmosphere for their intellectual, physical and spiritual growth..


In our vision for the school, each and every student should develop and mould their ambitions towards perfection. Our vision is to prepare and motivate our students for a rapidly changing world, by instilling in them critical thinking skills, a global perspective and a respect for core values of honesty, loyalty, perseverance and compassion. Students will have success for today and be prepared for tomorrow.


Our mission is to provide a safe haven where everyone is valued and respected. The faculty, in partnership with parents and families are fully committed to student’s college and career readiness. Students are empowered to meet current and future challenges to develop social awareness, civic responsibility and personal growth...


As safety and security of a student is given utmost importance, the School Management has already initiated various steps from the beginning to ensure that student-friendly environment prevails in the campus, such as Security guards from the best security agency in the city are employed for all corners of campus with modern safety and communication equipments. School building structure is designed keeping in mind the best architectural pattern for school. The entire campus has centralized Air Conditioning and Wifi facility. The whole campus is monitored 24 by7 by surveillance cameras installed at strategic points in school. Display of cameras can be viewed from the Media Room as well. The school building is earthquake and flood resistant. Fire safety equipments along with fire alarm and fire sensors are installed in entire campus. Safe evacuation plans with drills are regular and compulsory activities that are conducted periodically. Display boards indicating directions for locations, centralized alarm and sound system are also installed. Modern, nail-less, and comfortable furniture is used for students in classrooms. School Labs are well protected with fire safety devices and gas leakage. A school has an infirmary with sufficient beds, medical equipment, medicines and male and female nurse to take care of students. Both academic and admin staff of the school has been well trained and holds experience in ensuring the well-being and taking care of students.