To enhance learning opportunities for all children by recognising each child’s unique individuality, academic, social and cultural strengths and interests.

The school advocates the system of an integrated curriculum in which a unit/topic is taught across different disciplines using a specific set of methods. This helps our children to make connections across the curriculum. Activities, project work, presentations, educational trips, guest lectures are an indispensable part of our curriculum so that the concept formation is strong and lasting. The framework also keeps in mind the ‘weeks’ of the school which are celebrated every month like environment, literary, cultural, science, cosmic, a week, etc. The syllabus for the subjects is as prescribed by C.B.S.E. Here the teacher becomes the group coordinator initiating work, nurturing students without the phobia of examinations and homework. The development of oral and written expression is emphasized. Home assignments are not a carry-over of classwork but oriented towards honing individual talents.

Co-Curricular Activities — are a vital part of the curriculum it gives a winning edge and enhances the personality development. We provide a wide range of these activities like Western Music and Dance, Indian Music & Dance, Western and Indian Instrumental music, etc. The aims of this curriculum is to achieve the objective of imbibing the Application, Analytical and creative skills in our students.

For the tiny tots, the play-way method of teaching is adopted and individual attention is paid to make learning a pleasurable pursuit. The classes are theme designed so as to provide learning by observation & doing; co-relating knowledge and its application.